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Morning Pageliners,

If you are like me I am sure you hate it when your browser crashes or pages need to be refreshed because of some browser glitch.

It use to drive me mad when I was working in google inspector trying out CSS or Javascript and the power flickers causing my pc to reboot.

But thanks to this google add on called Styler I am no longer beating my head on my desk.

About Styler


Styler is a Chrome add on that allows you to add custom styles and scripts to any website you visit. It is fast, clean and bulletproof solution for custom styling.

With Styler even if the browser closes the CSS will still be present when you return to the webpage later. This is useful if you want to try out new styles or JS before adding them to your web site.

Some things to note about Styler 

  • After adding styles or JS to Styler besure to hit enter to have the changes stick
  • Any styles that you apply will not show if the Platform 5 editor is active
  • Styler can be used on a site by site basis. So each web page you visit will have a fresh window.
  • Style stay there til you remove them.


Please remember move your css from styler to the CSS/LESS editor so the style can go live. What ever is in Styler can only be viewed by you.

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