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If you have a blog or website then I am sure you have made a post at one time or another.

You sit down at your desk and try to figure out a way to convey your message or story across without boring your audience. Of course their is always a chance that the reader will become uninterested in your post if it is not eye catching or engaging.

In fact I am pretty sure I am doing that as I write this post because deep down we all want to come across appealing to our readers.

So how does Platform 5 help?

With Platform 5 and the introduction of the scope feature paired with the loops section shortcodes you can now make some very unique and interesting posts. If you need to get up to speed on Loops and Scopes be sure to check out my previous articles "Loops: Leaning the Basic" and "The Power Of Scopes In Platform 5" to fill in any gaps you may have.

Loops alone is very powerful due to the fact that it is basically shortcode driven which is good because that means once you install the section you can use the shortcodes anywhere within your site. For instance on a post page you could use the title short code to call the post title simply by adding the shortcode to the embed section and then begin to layout the rest of your content fairly easy with the same method.

We all love a good story

As kids we all enjoyed a good story and the same holds true for  us in the adult part of our lives. We like to be captivated and feel removed from our worldly surroundings so why wouldn't we want to as writers and bloggers provide the same atmosphere to our readers.

With beautiful imagery and carefully placed content you can achieve such an effect on your audience. Here are a couple examples that I put together. (I didn't go through all the response checks I would normal do, the main goal for this is to show what is possible)  iheartpagelines iheart pagelines

***Click to view the live version***

I did those fairly easy I spent more time trying to figure out what images I wanted to use than I did with the actual layout. There are so many  different kinds of layouts you can do if you just added some html with the shortdcodes.


  1. When using the shortcodes it is best to wrap them in a <div></div>  tag rather than a h1-h6  simply because there is no padding associated with the div. For example you would wrap the loops title shortcode in a div with a class attached to control the font size and style.
  2. If you want you images to touch full-width do not put the image section in a container.
  3. It does help to do a little math with the images. In other words measure to see what size image you need.

I have a 3rd layout I will add to the post after its done it is a mixture of heavy html, responsive grid and loops shortcodes and its coming along nicely.

I hope this article was useful to someone if you any questions feel free to post it in the comments.

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Aires Dagraca, is the creative force behind Dagraca Creative, a Web Design Company that focuses on bringing the best web experience to their clients. He also enjoys Gaming, Web Design, Graphic design and family time with his wife and kids.

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iHeart pagelines

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    • Thanks Taama. I have another loops article in the works to shed some light on advanced loops techniques and layouts that i think you are going to like.

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