The Power Of Scopes In Platform 5

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If you are a PageLines customer then you know that in the past it was damn near impossible to have a very unique post, page or custom post type with out some 3rd party help or advanced customizations. Well those days are long gone with the introduction of the scope feature in Platform 5.

What are scopes?

The scope feature allows you to customized a particular version of a page, post or custom post type. Currently there are 2 scope types "All of type" and "Current ".  I will try my best to describe these without being too confusing.

  • "Current": Would refer to that particular page or post title. For example, if you have a post by the name of “My Example Post” and select Current then the changes would one be seen on the blog post or page.
  • "All of type": Would refer to the post type, page type or custom post type. So if you made changes to the post type then the changes would reflect across the site for all default posts. (As things change I will try and update the post.)

You can find these options at the top of the page builder. By default it is set to "All of type" but you can easily change this by selecting the other option from the drop down. Upon selecting the other option the page will refresh and you will notice that scope type has changed to "Current".


***If you would like to use the scope feature with a custom post type(CPT) you must view a post of that CPT with the builder activated.***

So how is this useful?

The usefulness for this in my eyes is unlimited.

You are only limited by your creativity. You can make some very unique posts that could really grab your readers attention. I will share some of the ones I create in a later post.

Who says every post has to have a sidebar. You can use the  scope feature to engage your readers by telling a better story or offering a special offer for reading that particular post. You can partner this with Loops to take your designs up another level. Like I said before you are only limited by your own creativity.

Some ways to use "Scopes":

  • Story Telling
  • Special Offers
  • Custom Post Types
  • Taxonomy Archives
  • Unique Post/Pages
  • Add custom CTA's

I hope this article was useful to someone if you any questions or you found another creative way to use the scope feature be sure to post it in the comments.

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Aires Dagraca, is the creative force behind Dagraca Creative, a Web Design Company that focuses on bringing the best web experience to their clients. He also enjoys Gaming, Web Design, Graphic design and family time with his wife and kids.

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