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Adding css is something every developer has to do at some point. But that also brings up some questions about where it should be placed. With Platform 5 or DMS you have a couple options. Option one: Platform 5 users DMS users DMS users can apply there custom css to the LESS/CSS area in…(Read More)


Probably one of the coolest and yet very simple dividers to produce. **Note that this tutorial is geared toward Platform 5 users and may not work as intended for other frameworks or themes.** The diagonal separator that we will be creating today is actually 2 diagonal separators in one but you can make them both…(Read More)

In this brief tutorial I will  be showing you how to add a big triangle that will add a bit of flare to your designs. **Note that this tutorial is geared toward Platform 5 users and may not work as intended for other frameworks or themes.** To begin we need to add some important css…(Read More)

Today we are going to talk about the one thing that every website has, the mobile menu. Sometimes they look good but for the most they look boring and bland unless you purchase some type of premium mobile plugin. Which in my opinion is not really necassary when you  want to make some simple changes…(Read More)

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  In today's tutorial we will be recreating my author bio that you see at the bottom of every post. To this we will be make use of the ability to use PL5 section shortcodes inside of posts.If you are not aware at the top of the post editor is a button called…(Read More)

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In this very very very short tutorial I will show you how to make your backgrounds transparent. Similar to the picture below. You might have noticed that there is no rgba settings with in PL5. But that doesn't exactly mean you cant use rgba. To make use of rgba navigate to the background options…(Read More)

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Today's inspiration comes from the fine folks over at Codrops you can view the actual post here. We will be recreating a simple triangle separator that can be used to divide content or just because it looks cool. This is what we will be making.   Step 1 Decide where you want to add…(Read More)

Media queries, a phrase that scares the hell out of some developers. When in actuality there are pretty easy to understand. In my designs I tend to use at least 2 sets of media queries in every site I  design. The media queries job is to tell the browser what to do based on the…(Read More)

Greetings PageLines Enthusiasts, today's topic for discussion is LESS Variables. I am sure we have all add that one client who just could not make his mind up on whether he/she wanted red or blue for their primary color. Or even worse call you up months later wanting to change colors and gradients…(Read More)

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